World’s First Autonomous Cloud AI Service

Completely autonomous cloud AI service has been launched by RealityEngines.AI.

The San Francisco based company is excited about the technology and how it could shape our future in data and perceived reality. Reality Engines AI works by running a technique called BANANAS which is a Neural Architecture Search. When a user goes through an API to Reality Engines it selects a use case (sales lead forecasting, cloud spend optimization, fraud detection, churn predictions, etc) In order to enhance the data modeling noisy and sparse data was augmented which is called bananas.

As long as a company has a fair amount of data the synthetic data would be able to help create AI models. This is the first of its kind and a big deal when it comes to company innovation. This creates a service that allows basically anyone the ability to create AI models even ones that might not have enough data. The service is easy to sell once you apply it to something the consumers are familiar with. To show off the capabilities they applied the technology to faces. It would generate a picture with different emotions, changing age and gender. It kinda upsets people with showing this off with the recent problems face morphing apps have been giving people. Regardless of the problems face morphing has caused this helps people understand the power that this system could possibly when used in certain instances.

Data has come a long way and is used as much as possible when making business decisions. data must be analyzed and considered when making these types of decisions. This isn’t tailored to just big companies, but towards common small business as well. Data is the new moneymaker and eventually will level out after new technologies are invented training with less data. The key is the ability to produce more with less. To help businesses when it comes to ultimately decide if there going to be successful (or fail) based on information gathered. This is a marketable use for AI systems and could definitely get businesses excited and could help grow a company with having Important business information on file to make the best logical decisions for the company.