Why your company needs LinkedIn

As a business owner, you have inevitably seen many invites from your friends or colleagues for the professional networking site LinkedIn and thought nothing of it.  As a business owner, why would your company need to be on a networking site? You may or may not attract more core business with a LinkedIn page, but it is an additional opportunity to add additional search engine results and bring more legitimacy to your business.

    A professional business page on LinkedIn can help separate you from some of your competitors as well as bring additional credibility to your business as well as become a tool to reach new hires when they are needed.  If you own a small business you may think that a company LinkedIn site may be too much work to build and maintain but many are able to complete a professional business profile in less than half a day. LinkedIn can help separate your business from sites such as Facebook as it allows you to tell your companies story in its entirety.  You can relish in the fact that you built your company from the ground up working from two employees to twenty and increasing your net business year over year.

A company LinkedIn page can also help shed light on the strength of the personnel on your team. Often times not all employees are customer facing. but having strong personnel from the top down with credible employment history, can be reassuring to potential customers as well as suppliers, distributors, or wholesalers in your field.   A company LinkedIn page with a logo and location is a great start, but with just a little more work you can increase your network as well as give details that go above and beyond your basic ‘about us’ content. You can tell your employees to link their jobs to your business page if they desire to help build both your own businesses’ credibility as well as their own professional network while also getting rid of that ugly gray employment icon they may have.    

With a little work, your business can easily expand its online presence onto the leading professional networking site.  A professional LinkedIn profile will raise your business profile as well as help to bring legitimacy to your business operations as well as helping to recruit for future job openings in the future with candidates in the same industry or field.   Help your business to connect with various industries and people from around the world with a professional LinkedIn company profile starting today.