When you think of Sony, do you think of cars? Get ready to roll!

Sony sets to spark a charge in the car industry

The world’s largest IT trade show CES exhibition was sony’s stage to unveil its entrance into the auto industry with its first-ever battery-operated, self-driving prototype. This vehicle is called the Vision-S electric vehicle. As I stated earlier it is Sony’s unveiled first car ever built by the Japanese electronics Mega giant, Sony President, and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has stated that the company made the vehicle with many other designers and used each other strengths to produce a reliable machine.

Sony has had strong financial earnings and has set operations profits for the year to the second-highest number for the second year in a row. The company has had a team working on this for about 20 months secretly proceeding on improvements towards Level 2 autonomous which means it can change lanes without human steering control and a tesla like Monster screen to help with navigation within the vehicle to a 360-degree audio system that has been designed and developed for the home audio market making the sound quality silky smooth to the ear.

Originally sony intended on lending automakers their audio components but then decided to take charge of the vehicle’s design and specifications. The production was commissioned to Magna International. Yasufumi Ogawa is in charge of developing of what hopes to be the first of many more of its kind. The fastest way for Sony to supply high-quality automobiles to its customers was to build a vehicle on their own. Companies like BlackBerry, Continental, and Bosch and made it known that everything will be built at Sony’s standards and be built within Sony.

When Sony terminated the first generation Aibo robot it caused a lot of employees to feel disappointed in the company so the go-ahead on this project has got the spirits up over there at Sony. Sony may be opening up doors to other electronic companies to get into the auto industry because it’s showing that if you are good with electronics you shouldn’t have a problem becoming a profitable auto manufacturer.