What video chat is right for you?

With many working from home, teleconferencing has become an even larger market amongst most businesses. Each is racing to capture as many customers during this pandemic in the hopes of retaining them far after work returns to normal.  Which should you choose? We break it down.

With all the social distancing going on chatting has jumped up 212 percent and some of us can be clueless about new technology, but since you have this extra time let me give you the 411 on video chatting apps you can use to keep in contact with your love family members, work colleagues, business meetings, or any other type of meeting that you may not be able to have at this time.

Facebook messenger

Look, I’ll cut the chase here Facebook Messenger is a great way to video chat with pretty much everyone you know because they are already on FB.. You might not have realized Facebook has video chat, but it does and it’s surprisingly good. It doesn’t matter what device you’re on because no matter it being Android, ios, or even windows you have access to Facebook Messenger. But in case of the small chance that someone doesn’t have this here are even more ways to video chat


Is built by Microsoft to were you can hold meetings and also have the ability to call mobile or landline as well. It has unique features like live subtitles and also crystal clear HD video calling they make it easy peasy to share by having mobile screen sharing


It tends to be looked at as the best video chat program, but it’s locked down to Apple users only. If you have an iPhone all you have to do is sign in with your Apple ID. If you’re using it on an iPad or iPod touch all you need is an email and for the phones, it automatically registers your number. If your in the Apple ecosystem that’s great news, but the downfall is you can’t video chat with your android friends.

Google Duo

With the selection of video chat apps available in the android store like Skype, Facebook messenger, Hangouts are all on messenger, but I will tell you Google Duo tends to work best when it comes to android to android chatting and tends to run better and this is something android can be proud of having. It’s also worth mentioning that if you’re trying to chat Android to iOS, Google Duo is also capable of that too.


Well for someone that doesn’t have a social media account or an android or ios product Hangouts is highly recommended. You can use it as a phone to call people or you can video chat them. Hangouts is available on Android, iOS, and the web. You’ll only need to sign up to take advantage of the app