Upcoming Mainstream Technologies


Technology advancement has been on the rise and seems to be moving faster every year. A lot of technology is on the break of being at every home and eventually changing how we go about our lives. Here are five upcoming technologies that you can see soon.

Wearable electronics

With smartwatches already becoming popular and starting to finally become appealing we’re already seeing this to a degree but, that this is just the beginning. Eventually, I think there will be an option to implant devices to monitor our bodies or half things like smart contacts with self-adjusting capabilities for vision to have implanted NFC technology to access areas, pay for things or even be identified. This would work out great for monitoring people that have health conditions.

Smart glasses

There have been very few devices available, but Google Glass is just the start of what this wonderful technology could include. All devices are in beta for the moment, but they are looking at releasing within the next couple of years and I’m sure the major players like Samsung and Apple will have their own variation of this device. I wouldn’t expect the bugs to be worked out for the first 5 years of its release.

Virtual reality gaming

It is slowly becoming mainstream and I eventually think that will be the best way to play. Devices like the Playstation VR and the Oculus Rift have been leading the way for the VR generation and other big companies like Samsung are working on their own devices too. I enjoy playing Forza Motorsports and it immersed me into the game especially since I have a steering wheel. Eventually, you will beagle to take these things everywhere and do limitless thighs on it.

Screenless displays

Screenless displays have been many people’s dreams since the ’80s and we can finally say that the technology is almost upon us. Within the last two years with companies advancing with folding displays they are starting to figure out ways to project color so things like holograms won’t be just in the movies you will finally feel like you’re on your own episode of avengers

Smart houses

With things like virtual assistants such as Siri, Bixby and Google Assistant you have the ability to finally connect your home to, smart speakers, lights, watches and appliances we are right on the brink of actually seeing smart houses do things like changing the thermostat, channel on TV, and getting notifications that things like your food or laundry are ready all without leaving your couch.