The truth about Disruptive companies

Disruption is the holy grail in the startup world.

In business school, you have to figure out how you’ll disrupt the industry that you want to get into, and founders are so obsessed with communicating how they will effectively disrupt the industry and when they prepare to go to investors, it is something they use as a sales tactic.

We know that disruption is challenging because it requires the utmost full dedication to thinking outside of the normal and making significant changes. What is so unique about disruption is that it will reshape not just your industry but also the way that you will organize your company. The hardest part of it is that there are plenty of people out there with great ideas and have employees behind them, and that believes in what they are doing and are committed to disruption themselves.

Being able to upset the status quo is not the safest thing, but it is the way that you get to make a mark in your industry. One exciting thing about traditionally running a company is meaning leaders usually will make decisions based on work from the past and not what could come from the future. They use what has worked so that things run smoother, and they can have a better outcome.

To be a company that is willing to disrupt your industry, you must look fearlessly into the future and create products and services for the customer of tomorrow, not your current best and most loyal customers. Which would mean you need to make a massive change in your daily outlook.

As any organizations mission and culture is the key to achieving a disruptive or explosive growth. It would be the best way for leaders to embrace the transformation of change that will happen as they disrupt the day today. It will never be a natural transformation to achieve disruption. That is why every leader works to engage in the business of transformation needing to obtain all the information they can get fully.

As any startup will see when they get into there prospective industry is that you can not do what the next guy is doing. To keep business afloat and to have it skyrocket, you need to make a massive change for the future customers. That is when you will see the most significant impact on your organization.