The Pixel watch that might cause some worry at apple

Could there be a smartwatch that can cause problems for Apple’s smartwatch? I think so, Google Pixel is coming into the game, and they are ready to compete with Apple.

Many of you might remember that Google’s Pixel watch, that was almost released back in 2016. This watch could be the perfect antidote to Apple’s Dominance if they continue to improve assistant and make its core to the experience. Since the imminent release to the Pixel, many have been looking and anticipating for the release of what Google is going to release.

One of the most significant factors, when I look at an assistant for a watch, is that it will give me the core functions that my phone has — requiring me to have less interaction with my smartphone. An assistant enabled Pixel Watch could do this twice over and can become a genuinely effective digital wellbeing tool.

Being able to book a reservation, appointments could be made with an utterance into your wrist. Even the possibility of your going to class and having your watch recorder the lecture your professor gives with the translating words appearing on your watch’s screen. All of this could happen without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Basically, what you end up with is a device that requires a lot less input and demands less screen time. This alone changes the traditional smartwatch logic. Smartwatches try to cram so much functionality as possible into such a small device that from time to time, it cant be separated from your phone. Every new release includes new hardware that makes your smartwatch more independent from your phone. Soon enough, your smartwatch will be your phone, which could lead it your watching being more a distraction that you would prefer.

A smartwatch should be more assist than distract. It doesn’t need to have so many apps that you have to stare at it for things to get done, it should be an assistant to make it as easy as possible to stay away from the screen time. Especially in a time where Apple and Google are both encouraging device owners to limit how much time they spend on there smartphone, this is where a Pixel Watch could genuinely stand out. A smartwatch that massively reduces input functionality allowing only assistant related actions such as setting reminders or using advance services, could be prevalent.

With no messages, emails, or social media notification, the Pixel watch is really a watch that records essential health data, takes your instructions, tells the time, and in the process has a longer battery life because of the reduced functionality.

One thing we know is that Apple won’t take the challenge lying down, though, and new information suggests it’s considering a massive design overhaul on the next Apple Watch. So will they try to be more like what the Pixel will be? Only time will tell.