The best Smart Lock for your home

Are you looking to turn your home into a smart home? It can be as simple as starting with smart bulbs, plugs, sensors, and even Wi-Fi cameras. Take it a step further, and let’s look at a smart lock. Let me introduce you to the Wyze smart lock.

When Wyze started to release products, they were poised to rule the smart home world; they just were missing the smart lock. Of course, by no surprise, they launched one, and not only is it easy to install and use, but it cost under $100.

After putting multiple smart locks tot he test, we expect standard pricing to be around $200, give or take. A smart lock like the Schlage Encode can go as high as $250, while others such as the August smart lock and Wi-Fi hub you can get for as low as $180. It is quite rare to find a smart lock within the $100-$150 price range. If you do, you will have to give up a feature, mainly the Wi-Fi Connectivity. 

With Wyze, they seem to somehow always come in at a price lower than its competition, and this time around is no different. With it being fully released to the public in February 2020, you can grab a Wyze Smart Lock for $89.99, and that includes a Wi-Fi bridge. They do plan to release an option keypad later, but there is no word on the price of it just yet. 

The majority of smart locks require that you disassembled entirely and removed your existing deadbolt. While it’s not difficult, it does take some effort and know-how, and depending on your deadbolt could raise a few issues. There are two exceptions so far, those being August’s Smart Lock Pro and the Wyze. Wyze followed in August’s footsteps with an almost Identical installation process. You just uninstall the inner hardware turnkey for the lock and replace it with the Wyze lock. It will take you roughly 15 minutes to install and set up.

Altogether, the Wyze lock looks excellent with all the features and simplicity of how it is installed, controlled through the company’s app and all. For under $100, it’s positioned to be a solid entry in the smart lock market. Of course, it will reserve full judgment until it has been thoroughly tested.