Roku Express looks to break price barrier for hi-def streaming

In the last five to six years, cable companies have seen a sharp decline in cable TV subscribers. In 2019 TV companies lost approximately 4% of their cable TV customers. Where do these customers go? How do they consume media?

Roku has been around for many years and some would say even started the cord-cutting revolution. Roku’s main driving force to cord-cutting adoption is its low cost with many features. Roku’s most recent hardware release, the Roku Express brings full 1080p HD streaming to a device costing around $24. Where Roku devices really shine over devices such as the FireTV is the fact that as Hardware manufacturers they are able to stay mostly neutral when it comes to streaming wars that have plagued devices such as the AppleTV and the FireTV. Often, other streaming devices have software disagreements between different providers. For example, Apple did not allow Amazon’s streaming app on the AppleTV for quite a long time as they saw the app as a direct competitor to the iTunes store.

The Roku Express becomes the premier budget minded streaming device that is able to plug into almost any TV and get you up and streaming in no time with their fast setup and automatic logins into services. Another feature that puts Roku and their devices at the forefront of streaming devices is their ability to search across different video stores and allowing you to pick a rental or purchase from the store with the lowest cost or show you if a subscription you have to a streaming service has it for free. This feature alone can save you both time and money compared to any other streaming device on the market today who often try to steer you towards their own video service and often do not present the competition choices.

Roku has positioned itself where no hardware or streaming service has done before. As a agnostic streaming provider, Roku can look to appease their hardware customers instead of focusing on content and distribution rights. With this stance, Roku’s stock has been gaining steadily over the last year while almost doubling in price. As more and more consumers move to streaming services and only and dropping the traditional cable TV, look for Roku to continue to dominate in the connected devices space.