Remember when Apple Maps couldn’t compete with Google? That’s changing

Apple completed US Maps

Apple maps have been in bad shape ever since it stepped out on the market back in 2012 and has been hoping to catch up to google maps. Apple Maps have finally stated that they have finally done with the base maps, but that isn’t entirely true since they are only done with the United States. Apple had a fleet of LIDAR-equipped vans traveling across the United States to capture detailed location data. Because they wanted to capture even more information so Apple captured data from the air as well. Apple has kinda kept it’s flying employment hidden so we don’t really know how much was invested into its flight data connection, but it seems like the companies investment in this area of the company seems significant. Apple has suggested that their Lidar equipped vans will continue to collect data to keep Apple Maps up to date.

This results in a more accurate set of maps that are updated instead of maybe getting old data and a foreign outdated map. Coastlines and buildings like airports and malls are more accurately represented. After testing Apple Maps I noticed a noticeably more amount of information presented in Apple’s street-level data compared to google maps. Unlike in past years, Apple can finally go in and make the necessary chages to their software instead of having to wait for a third party like previous years. This means that Apple maps will stay up to date and be able to compete more against google Maps especially with the added new roads around the united states yearly. Giving apple full control over the maps like it will now give Apple the opportunity to make their product look beautiful and be accurate without bugs like the brand needs it to be.

In my eyes, Apple maps is this is still inferior to Google maps in many areas within its package, but I will tell you that Apple has made a giant leap going towards where it needs to be with adding more on-screen information, speeding up the apps response time and working on more features like an apple Street view rival. I give it 5 more years until Apple Maps is giving Google Maps a run for its money.