Moving to Mars with SpaceX

This planet of ours is pretty broken now, since the industrial revolution people (mainly men) has pillaged and wrecked the earth through deforestation, mining, nuclear fissile material ‘tests’ as well as regular supply nuclear power plant leaks and massive destruction with runaway chain reactions for not only the operating power plants but with widespread radionuclide pollution, two such notable events are Chernobyl on April 26th 1986 and more recently with Fukushima (Eastern seaboard of Japan) on April 11 2011 – both events were preventable.

Oil is a commodity, or was, it is not so much needed now with pneumatic and electric powered systems commonplace but there are still many internal combustion engines that run on the old dinosaur and crustation remnants all over the world from London to Dubai and all in between, let’s not forget those airline jets that did fly overhead constantly, the engines are very efficient but still spurt out much pollution over of us, the plants, trees, animals and insects, if anyone gives a monkey about them much now. I’ll use Deep sea Horizon and it’s massive leak which is still, leaking – as an example, again, there have been many more polluting events, as well as lives matter; sometimes, it seems they don’t.

So what else; fish farms, ocean and inland waterway plastics pollution which break down into micro-plastics that enter the food chain at the lowest level and end up in us humans who are the top level predators of the earth and its insects, animals, trees, plants and itself digging big holes, irradiating large areas for generations… this, folks, is the beginning of the end.

So what to do?

Elon Musk with SpaceX aims to get some of the chosen population of the Earth to Mars, of course, these people will not include everyday people, only those with certain accreditations or high level training like microbiologists, scientists, geologists and engineers as well as some sort of governing body, a “Mars council”, if you will – and military forces. There will need to be some astronauts get them there and complete the voyage, perhaps, like Tesla cars, the SpaceXarks will be automated, the size of them will certainly be massive, so big in fact that they will need to be built component by component in Earths orbit then launched from there onto the long clod journey toward Mars, the BIG red planet.

The SpaceXarks (not their official names, but Elon, if ya wanna use that I am good with that) these gargantuan vessels will be carrying not only food for the journey but also when on the planet, there will be building material, modular and quick to fit together, possibly built by 3D printing robots from crazy heat resistant alloys, designed by advanced AI, all very clever stuff.

On successfully landed on Mars, the SpaceXarks and the SpaceXcargo ships will be carrying plant life, simple grasses and low impact species like lichens and mosses, these are required to plant out on the planets surface (with some compost made en-route), they will go toward converting some of the carbon dioxides into oxygen that makes up the air so us soft celled organisms can breathe with some insects, animals, and plants can too, (no one mention Corona). Later one after foundation trees like birch, broadleaf species will be able to be planted.

So there is quite a bit of a journey to yet undertake, if it is possible in the near or very far future, no one really knows but plans have certainly been made.