Mini Charger, serious power

Indiegogo success Palo Alto startup Zendure continues to bring well designed yet rugged products to the market, and follow up the success  of their A-Series and Supertank batteries with the new, credit card sized SuperMini. After successfully funding the project on Indiegogo the SuperMini is now available widely, including on Amazon.

Featuring a 10,000mAh capacity, Qualcomm quick charge compatible Zen 2.0 technology, USB PD @ 18W, pass through charging, and USB-C/USB-A outputs, the charger would be more than enough. The fact that the SuperMini is the size of a credit card makes this device simply incredible. 

Distinguishing yourself amongst the likes of Anker and Aukey in the portable battery space is a big ask. Essentially establishing the space, their products are often exactly what they need to be; portable, functional, and durable. Zendure steps up these established standards by not only innovating their designs, but the contents of the battery pack itself. 

With sweeping curved edges and a milled-looking rugged design this mini charger is one that fits in your pocket or purse when you don’t want it to be seen, but when it’s out you don’t mind friendly eyes spying your sweet piece of kit. The SuperMini comes in Black, Silver, and Zendures signature color for this device, Blue Horizon.

The beauty is in the battery. Called “27100” the two 5,000mAh cells carry the capacity of 3 cells of previous generations, allowing for 30% reductions in size and a whopping 50% increase in energy density in the cells. The previously mentioned USB-C PD port takes advantage of these cells and offers up to a 50% charge in 30 minutes on an iPhone X. The charger can also push smaller portable devices, in testing I had no issues nearly fully charging my go while browsing the web and watching a few videos.

The charger is a one stop shop for all your devices with X-charge mode. Designed for low power devices such as smart watches, and increasingly wireless earbuds, the SuperMini can “throttle” the power to meet the low power requirements of these devices.  

Available for 34.99 on Amazon the Zendure SuperMini is a must have portable charger for anybody who needs all day power to multiple devices.