Microsoft Edge browser competes with Chrome on privacy & productivity

Microsoft Edge browser competes with Chrome on privacy & productivity

Microsoft’s Edge browser has come a long way since 2015. It deserves a serious look because it capitalizes on the best of Chrome and adds a new set of competitive features.

The original release of Edge was not that exciting. The update builds upon the same base as the Google Chrome browser — and open-source, cross-platform app that is already familiar and popular with many web users. What’s more, Microsoft introduces a load of new features that improve productivity, privacy, and security.

Edge makes it much easier to read cluttered websites by simplifying the reading interface. Like Safari’s reader mode, the core text is elevated and images and ads are demoted, eliminating most distractions. Edge’s productivity upgrades should appeal to all kinds of users. It enforces standards that webpage designers themselves ought to enforce, but don’t. You’ll be able to reclaim your attention span with Edge.

Microsoft now gives users a range of choices about what degree of information sharing they can accept, and what amount of ad blocking they require. Privacy has been a growing concern among internet users, so Edge’s new privacy features should be valued by most users.

Edge used to be bundled with Microsoft Windows. That corporate strategy of forcing everyone to eat all the products they serve seems to have backfired. Now that the browser is independent of the operating system, it’s also available across multiple operating systems. Microsoft allows users to create accounts to allow users to keep all their devices updated with some browsing information, making the handoff, say, from desktop to mobile, much easier.

Microsoft Edge browser is fast, well-organized, and has a simple interface. It’s a newer browser, so it doesn’t have as many extensions as more mature competitors. But one thing it surely has is a lot of potential, especially at a time when many users are a bit more wary of how much of their personal information they want to give to google. Edge provides something like the best of both worlds: a tried and tested software base combined with a new sensibility of apparent respect for the needs and wishes of customers.