Jobot is using intelligent tech to raise the bar recruitment

With so many job sites out there, do we really need another job site? I would say yes. It’s been quite a while since the online world started, and employers are still facing challenges of finding the right candidates. The same can be said with those seeking jobs.

Finding the right job is like finding a needle in a haystack, which is what Heidi Golledge is trying to accomplish with Jobot, A new job startup company. Unlike the current job sites we have up, Jobot blends intelligent technology and experiences recruiting pros to give employers the upper handing in finding the absolute best candidates- even before they’re on the market again.

Jobot’s goal is to leverage the IT and experience of recruiters to maximize candidates placements. They are also trying to make the recruitment model much quicker, more affordable hiring by providing a tiered levels of assistance. When it comes to recruiting, there are so many things that a recruiter has to do with sourcing, then interviewing then making sure the resume is ready for the interview with the client. What employers are looking for is quality, efficiency, and affordability. And from my personal experience that those three things lacked tremendously in the industry.

With Jobot using intelligent technology and AI opens up the doors to adding a better experience for the employers. When you add some of the best recruiters to the mix, you now have an unstoppable team that can get the clients exactly what they are looking for.

What is even more amazing is that since opening its door in Q4 of 2018, they have made quick growth. They are already working on opening a second office out in Orange County. Jobot is going to come in and change the way that recruiting is done. To make a company successful, you need great people, great culture, and when you add in the Intelligent technology, it is what is going to set Jobot above the other job sites.

Today work takes a variety of forms, from gig economies to constant career development, Jobot is a platform that meets the needs of this dynamic landscape. In a world that everyone expects an instant update. Jobot is here to make finding a job, growing in a job, or supplementing a job. So if you are looking for a company that will make it easy for you, Jobot is the company to look into.