Get out of the office permanently

I work 100% remote, and it is amazing.  There are tons of benefits to working from home.  If you aren’t yet working from home, it is time to finally start planning to leave the office.

Benefits of working remote:

No Commute

One of the absolute worst things I can think of is sitting in traffic at 5:30 trying to get home, or to get to daycare to pickup the kids before taking them to soccer practice.  Working from home means you no longer have a commute that eats into your personal time. Every car taken off the road is also a benefit to the environment. With no commute, you also get to save on things like gas and more frequent maintenance on your vehicle.

Cost savings

In addition to not having to spend the money commuting, you also won’t have to spend money on work clothes.  You might be able to save on childcare too if your kids can ride the bus after school and can behave themselves while you continue to work. 

Increased productivity

If you are like me, the distractions that come naturally in an office environment can be significant.  Whether it is someone stopping by to chat, or just overhearing people around you, there can be a lot of things that take away from your productivity.   Working from home means fewer distractions. 

Work in your pajamas

Since you are working from home, you can wear whatever you want.  If you roll out of bed at 7:55 to start work at 8:00, it is no problem.  Wear whatever is comfortable for you. The only exception is when those pesky video chats are required with your boss or clients. 

Downsides to working remote:

The biggest downside is that it can sometimes feel lonely working from home.  If you are a people person and thrive from being around people all day, working from home probably isn’t for you.  Even as a natural introvert like myself, I can feel isolated some days. 

How to start:

The best way to get started is simply by asking your boss.  If she is skeptical about remote work, you might try suggesting a trial period, or just a couple days a week.  In any case, you should give some consideration to working from home.