Galaxy XCover Pro: Bringing the removable battery back

With news that no one expected out of CES 2020, Microsoft and Samsung are teaming up to deliver a new phone that has a feature we have not seen in flagship phones for many years.

The recently announced XCover Pro will bring features back that many businesses have been looking for in phones for business deployment.  One of the main features is a replaceable battery. This combined with the XCover’s other business centric features will allow users to have minimal mobility downtime while waiting for their phone to charge.  Instead of being tethered to a charger the user can quickly and simply swap out the included 4,040mAh battery for a new fresh one while charging the dead battery. This allows anyone to stay on the go and stay powered up.  There is also an additional button on the side that can be customized for an array of different actions however Samsung has teamed up with Microsoft to reintroduce push to talk to phones. Microsoft is bringing back the cellular walkie talkie thanks to new integration with their Microsoft Teams platform.   Microsoft plans to build walkie talkie functionality directly into the Microsoft Teams software. This will allow anyone to instantly connect with team members or employees.  

An additional feature that will be somewhat unique to the XCover Pro is the addition of a point-of-sale system built directly into the phone.   This is going to provide a lot of added flexibility for mobile retailers as it will not require an additional piece of equipment to facilitate sales such as a Square point of sale.  The software will allow for contactless card, watch, or phone to phone payments. This allows retailers to be flexible and agile in the modern-day workplace. 

The XCover Pro will be mostly tailored to retailers and employees out in the field.  It will include both IP68 and MIL-STD 810G certifications which means you really will not need to use a case with the phone as it is designed to take the daily wear and tear of a mobile field device. 

If your business is looking for a new phone for employees in the field, or your retail business is looking to shed POS software, the Galaxy XCover may the right choice for your business. The XCover’s durability and features will set it apart from almost every phone on the market that is aimed for direct business and use out in the field.