Facebook OS coming soon

Facebook’s hardware relies on google and it’s operating system that is used in billions of devices around the world. Facebook has been looking to change depending on another source outside of Facebook. Mark Luckovsky is put in charge of building a brand new operating system from scratch. Luckovsky had a big part of Microsoft’s Windows NT with being a co-author so they felt like this job would be in good hands. Even though devices run the Facebook app on multiple operating systems that will not change once this operating system is built.

Eye OS

With Eye OS in the works, it’s going to allow Facebook the ability to integrate social interactions and apply the best security within there OS. The biggest gain from this is facebook can follow there own vision and not have to worry about bumping heads with Google developers. Google isn’t just planning on doing this alone or with one company like previously. They decided they would like to expand and partner with different companies to help with the development operating systems specifically for augmented reality devices.

Investing in Better Opportunities

Facebook has invested a decent amount of money into their AR/VR sector by getting a new office for there team. Located in Burlingame 15 miles north of the companies headquarters it’s a 777,000 square foot palace of ideas and dreams to be brought to life. Employment there will be over 4,000 employees and new labs, prototype areas, and testing fields will help make these dreams a reality. In the compound, Facebook will also have a retail section so customers could test out their products before they consider purchasing them. One major aspect that the company is trying to evolve is enterprise-level communication. The company is prototyping its own VR video conferencing that will feature a smart camera with enabled auto-zoom to keep everyone in frame and would be a game-changer and a more professional way of holding video conferences.

Facebook has been diligently working improving the overall experience throughout all devices and seems to be their main priority. Experiences for their customers and a new experience focused on business and VR. Facebook is expected to have an enormous profit gain after these improvements to there hardware and social components take place so look out for their projects paving the way for new technology beyond 2020