At one cent per trade, upgrade to Zacks for a human broker

Commission free trading is all the rage, but it comes at a cost. If you’re willing to pay a little extra — and I’m talking just a penny per trade, you Zacks gives you access to a human broker. Zacks is a good all around choice for an investment platform, for active traders, anyone needing access to international stock exchanges, and options traders.

User-friendly interfaces

Zacks Trade Pro is a solid desktop app with customizable views. For mobile traders, download Handy Trader. Finally, the web-based Zacks Trade is an adequate web-based platform though not as feature rich as the desktop.

International trading

If you’re interested in trading on the foreign stock exchanges, Zacks is a great option. If Apple is on the move in Germany 6 hours before the US wakes up, you can capitalize on the opportunity while most Americans wait for the US markets to open.

Customer support

The extra penny you pay for Zacks trades can really pay off: you get free broker access. That’s great for situations where you want just a little more guidance, or a third party who is accountable for executing the trade exactly as you intend. We’ve seen markets go crazy when retail investors fat-finger a trade. When you do it yourself, it’s all on you. When you go through a broker, they assume the liability for any trading errors. Do it yourself technology is fantastic. You have instant access to high speed trading. Well, it’s excellent until you wreck your portfolio. When you speak with a live agent, they’re double checking your work and making sure that there is clear agreement about any trade before execution.

Options trading

Zacks offers options trading at a dollar for the first contact and 75 cents for subsequent contracts. What’s more, the free customer support also covers broker access for options trading. That’s especially valuable for highly leveraged trading where precision counts.

Overall, Zacks is a robust trading platform with solid suppport. Sure, you can get better prices. Zero free commissions are available at many other brokerages these day. But it the personal touch is worth it to you, consider Zacks.