Apple’s 16 inch Macbook Pro: full power and better keyboard

There were days when updates to Apple’s flagship were a routine affair, a processor bump, a little nicer screen and the same well known form factor.

These are not those days. A new screen size with a wide array of customization, the much needed keyboard revamp and a powerhouse new graphics processor bring the new Macbook into the 2020’s. Starting at $2399 and going up from there, the Macbook Pro has never been an entry level machine. However, it is by far one of the most feature packed mobile devices on the market.

Replacing the now discontinued 15 in model the new 16 in Macbook Pro has similar lines and design queues, this is Apple after all. Included is your standard Space Grey fare and formfactor, but it’s the sum of the changes that make this laptop a winner. Gone are much maligned butterfly style keys and the traditional scissor style switches are back. Tactile feedback is important when typing and these keys offer much more throw and depth offering a typing experience that quieter and more comfortable for everyday use. Above the keyboard is the ubiquitous Touch Bar which continues to be Apple’s answer to a touch screen that most windows laptops now take for granted.

The big upgrade here is the screen. The jump from 15” to 16” is actually a little closer to 0.6 inch increase in diagonal size, this isn’t going to be a bag buster if you’re already used to carrying a 15” model. The beezel has been shrunk allowing for more screen in a similar area. Featuring an increased pixel density of 226 and a brightness of 500 nits, and with a nod to video professionals includes an adaptable refresh rate the update Pro screen is worth the price of admission.

Under the hood the Macbook can be configured for full “beast mode” with an Intel Core i9 processor, up to 64gb RAM, and a solid AMD Radeon Pro 5500M GPU there is more than enough Desktop replacement power for those with the deeper pockets among us. While those specs are likely overkill for the day to day use having robust offerings for multimedia professionals in a fairly portable form factor is a coup for Apple on the high end offering.

While the price tag may deter casual users, the new 16” Macbook Pro is a must have for any multimedia professional who needs a high end screen, desktop-like performance, and a comfortable keyboard.