3.5 billion packages in 2019

Amazon is delivering packages at an unbelievable rate. At the end of 2019, the company said its courier business had distributed 3.3 Billion packages globally. For comparison, UPS Shipped 5.2 Billion packages and documents in 2018.

Amazon launched a search mid-2018 looking for new delivery service partners that could hire and manage teams of drivers delivering packages to Amazon customers. As the search went on, they ended up hiring more than 100 new partners within the first year. Now, they employ more than 800 delivery service partners who manage roughly 75,000 drivers.

Each driver has a different job; some work out of buildings, and others work out of tents, which they call delivery stations. Those stations are the middle man from the distribution center and customers homes. with over 150 delivery stations that employ roughly 900,000 logistics workers, who earn a minimum of $15 per hour along with added benefits.

Over the years, the USPS was not cutting it for Amazon. They wanted things to get to the customers hands quicker than the standard 3-7 days. Finding a way to get packages to the customers faster was a way to increase profitability and sustain a way to get products out.

Amazon is set to explode at this rate, especially as they move toward one-day shipping, and workers are bracing for significant changes to go along with all the moves amazon continues to make.

One thing we can not count out is that Amazon’s transportation network is built on a foundation of 20 years of operations and logistical experience. It is not all about being fast. Making sure safety, technological innovation, and talented teams that are willing to serve with a smile as they deliver packages daily.

Amazons delivery service partners are just one piece of the puzzle. It takes a staggering amount of effort from everyone all around to be able to complete the two-day shipping and making sure nothing is missed. You will see in the next year that Amazon will most likely grow its delivery service as they move to the one-day shipping. The opportunities that Amazon is creating is excellent. But just think how much more they will do in the coming years in the aspect of delivery.